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The Studio Collection

Dieser Artikel steht nicht mehr zur Verfügung!
11 LP + Download
A & M
neu & versiegelt
180 Gramm
159,90 €

Sting: The Studio Collection

8 Alben 11 Vinyl LP's Boxset

180 Gramm Vinyl

+ MP3 Download Code

neu & versiegelt / new & sealed

sofort lieferbar / on stock

Label: A & M

Date of release: 30.09.2016


 The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
1-A1  If You Love Somebody Set Them Free  
1-A2  Love Is The Seventh Wave  
1-A3  Russians  
1-A4  Children's Crusade  
1-A5  Shadows In The Rain  
1-B1  We Work The Black Seam  
1-B2  Consider Me Gone  
1-B3  The Dream Of The Blue Turtles  
1-B4  Moon Over Bourbon Street  
1-B5  Fortress Around Your Heart  
 ... Nothing Like The Sun
2-A1  The Lazarus Heart  
2-A2  Be Still My Beating Heart  
2-A3  Englishman In New York  
2-B1  History Will Teach Us Nothing  
2-B2  They Dance Alone ( Cueca Solo)  
2-B3  Fragile  
3-C1  We'll Be Together  
3-C2  Straight To My Heart  
3-C3  Rock Steady  
3-D1  Sister Moon  
3-D2  Little Wing  
3-D3  The Secret Marriage  
 The Soul Cages
4-A1  Island Of Souls  
4-A2  All this time  
4-A3  Mad About You  
4-A4  Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)  
4-A5  Why Should I Cry For You ?  
4-B1  Saint Agnes And The Burning Train  
4-B2  The Wild Wild Sea  
4-B3  The Soul Cages  
4-B4  When The Angels Fall  
 Ten Summoner's Tales
5-A1  If I Ever Lose My Faith In You  
5-A2  Love Is Stronger Than Justice ( The Munificent Seven)  
5-A3  Fields Of Gold  
5-A4  Heavy Cloud No Rain  
5-A5  She's Too Good For Me  
5-A6  Seven Days  
5-B1  Saint Augustine In Hell  
5-B2  It's Probably Me  
5-B3  Shape Of My Heart  
5-B4  Something The Boy Said  
5-B5  Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)  
 Mercury Falling
6-A1  The Hounds Of Winter  
6-A2  I Hung My Head  
6-A3  Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot  
6-A4  I Was Brought To My Senses  
6-A5  You Still Touch Me  
6-B1  I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying  
6-B2  All Four Seasons  
6-B3  Twenty Five To Midnight  
6-B4  La Belle Dame Sans Regrets  
6-B5  Valparaiso  
6-B6  Lithium Sunset  
 Brand New Day
7-A1  A Thousand Years  
7-A2  Desert Rose  
7-A3  Big Lie Small World  
7-B1  After The Rain Has Fallen  
7-B2  Perfect Love... Gone Wrong  
8-C1  Tomorrow We'll See  
8-C2  Prelude To The End Of The Game  
8-C3  Fill Her Up  
8-D1  Ghost Story  
8-D2  Brand New Day  
 Sacred Love
9-A1  Inside  
9-A2  Send Your Love  
9-A3  Whenever I Say Your Name  
9-B1  Dead Man's Rope  
9-B2  Never Coming Home  
9-B3  Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)  
10-C1  Forget About The Future  
10-C2  This War  
10-C3  The Book Of My Life  
10-D1  Sacred Love  
10-D2  Send Your Love  
 The Last Ship
11-A1  The Last SHip  
11-A2  Dead Man's Boots  
11-A3  And Yet  
11-A4  August Winds  
11-A5  Language Of Birds  
11-A6  Practical Arrangement  
11-B1  The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance  
11-B2  Ballad Of The Great Eastern  
11-B3  What Have We Got ?  
11-B4  I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else  
11-B5  So To Speak  
11-B6  The Last Ship (Reprise)





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