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The Complete Studio Album Collection

18 LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Book
Hollywood Records
neu & versiegelt
180 Gramm
499,90 €

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Queen: The Complete Studio Collection


18 LP Box on Coloured Vinyl


180 Gramm Vinyl


+ Book


neu / new


sofort lieferbar / on stock


Label: Hollywood Records


Date of release: 25.09.2016

Sometimes, even the biggest fans can find it hard to get excited about vinyl collections that just gather up new pressings in a simple card slipcase. Universal appear to have recognised this and have made sure that this forthcoming Queen set includes some hard-to-resist exclusives that will have your reaching for the credit card quicker than you can say "Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?"

The sexiest feature is that all the records are pressed on coloured vinyl, with a wide range of hues designed to complement existing album artwork. These are exclusive to the box. If you buy the individual releases, you get the Henry Ford option just black. The other thing to point out is that while picture discs are still not a great choice if you're looking for a pure listening experience, it's not the case anymore that sound quality needs be compromised with coloured vinyl.

Another exclusive is that Queen II is a double LP set ONLY in the box comprising a one black LP and one white LP and you get a large 108-page hardcover book in this Studio Collection box, with the usual rare photos and pictures of memorabilia. All the contents slot into a high quality hinged outer box which is identical in construction to the one used for The Beatles in Mono vinyl set.





Universal Music issues Studio Collection, a new Queen 18LP vinyl box set September 2015. It will contain all 15 studio albums released by the band pressed on vibrant 180g coloured vinyl in hues sympathetic to the original artwork.

This set stretches to 18 records is because a few albums span two LPs. Queen II has been cut to two separate black and white vinyl records for this box, reflecting the ‘Side White’ and ‘Side Black’ on the original pressing. In addition, the reverse sides of each record come complete with a custom etching. Innuendo and Made In Heaven were primarily made for a CD market and were previously edited to fit on two sides of a vinyl record. Here for the first time they are cut at full length as double vinyl LPs.


The new vinyl records are remastered by Bob Ludwig (after the Queen team did some ‘blind testing’ of the work of a few different engineers!). Analogue mastering was apparently considered, but ultimately ruled out due to issues with some of the original tapes (a few are over 40 years old, of course) such as speed errors, missing audio, newly developing clicks etc. What has happened is that high quality digital masters were created (24bit/96kHz), with necessary restoration then performed in the digital domain. The vinyl was then cut – at half speed – by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios from these files. Universal are assuring fans that the restoration was carried out with the lightest of touches, with “a profound respect for the originals”, and claims the resulting masters are “the finest ever” in terms of sound.

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