In Absentia

2 LP

Künstler: Porcupine Tree (Steven Wilson)

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Porcupine Tree: In Absentia


2 LP

180 Gramm Vinyl

Klappcover / gatefoldsleeve

neu & versiegelt / new & sealed

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Label: K Scope

Date of release: 09.03.2018

180-gram gatefold double LP on black vinyl

Breakthrough 2002 release now reissued on Kscope Records

In Absentia was Porcupine Tree's seventh studio album and the first in a run of three releases that for many fans represent the pinnacle of the band's artistic achievements.

After 2000's Lightbulb Sun, the album had a distinctly heavier tone, partly due to the addition of legendary drummer Gavin Harrison. The band's first for major label Lava / Atlantic Records, In Absentia features several of Porcupine Tree's most loved songs including "Trains," "The Sound of Muzak" and "Blackest Eyes."

While not a formal concept album, many of the songs have common themes related to serial killers, youthful innocence gone wrong, and observations about the modern world, setting a template for many of Wilson's future songs.

The album has been remastered by Steven Wilson and the 2017 master has features noticeably less compression and limiting in order to provide a more dynamic listening experience.


 1. Blackest Eyes
 2. Trains
 3. Lips Of Ashes
 4. The Sound Of Muzak
 5. Gravity Eyelids
 6. Wedding Nails
 7. Prodigal
 8. .3
 9. The Creator Has A Mastertape
 10. Chloroform
 11. Heartattack In A Layby
 12. Strip The Soul
 13. Collapse The Light Into Earth


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Plattenlabel: K Scope
Veröffentlichung: 09.03.2018
Artikelzustand: neu & versiegelt
Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: RBG13582