Joe Jackson Collected

2 LP

Künstler: Joe Jackson

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Joe Jackson: Collected


2 LP

180 Gramm audiophiles Vinyl

Klappcover / gatefoldsleeve

neu & versiegelt / new & sealed

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Label: Music On Vinyl

Date of release: 02.06.2017


Side A
1. Fools In Love
2. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
3. Look Sharp!
4. Got The Time
5. Sunday Papers
6. It's Different For Girls
7. I'm The Man
Side B
1. Mad At You
2. Beat Crazy
3. One To One
4. The Harder They Come
5. Jumpin' Jive
6. Another World
7. Steppin' Out

Side C
1. Real Men
2. A Slow Song
3. Breaking Us In Two
4. Be My Number Two
5. You Can't Get What You Want
(Till You Know What You Want) 

Side D
1. Happy Ending (feat. Elaine Caswell)
2. (He's A) Shape In A Drape
3. Nineteen Forever
4. Stranger Than Fiction
5. Home Town (Live)
6. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
(A Capella Live Version)



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Plattenlabel: Music On Vinyl
Veröffentlichung: 02.06.2017
Artikelzustand: neu & versiegelt
Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: RBG13319