Dangerous (PICTURE Vinyl)

2 LP (PICTURE Vinyl)

Künstler: Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson: Dangerous

2 LP


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Label: Sony Music

Date of Release: 24.08.2018

With 'Dangerous', released in November 1991, Michael Jackson's career really sustained its high. The album entered the Billboard 200 album chart at number 1 and sold over 32 million copies worldwide in the space of 17 years. The RIAA certified Dangerous 7x platinum for shipping 7 million copies in the United States.

With hit singles such as "Black Or White", "In The Closet", "Remember The Time", "Jam", and "Who Is It", and the unforgettable music videos that supported the tracks, Michael Jackson showed his true strength by delivering yet another classic album, despite the fact that it was not produced by Quincy Jones (Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad).                                                         

Although 'Dangerous' is definitely part of Jackson's quartet of classic albums (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous) and shows off a diverse range of styles, the multi-platinum, number one album is sometimes overlooked. However, we present the album on 180 grams audiophile vinyl and with remastered sound, to maximize your listening pleasure!



A1  Jam (5:39)
A2  Why You Wanna Trip On Me  (5:25)
A3  In The Closet  (6:32)

B1  She Drives Me Wild  (3:41)
B2  Remember The Time  (4:00)
B3  Can't Let Her Get Away  (4:59)
B4  Heal The World  (6:25)

C1  Black Or White  (4:16)
C2  Who Is It  (6:35)
C3  Give In To Me  (5:30)

D1  Will You Be There  (7:40)
D2  Keep The Faith  (5:57)
D3  Gone Too Soon  (3:22)
D4  Dangerous  (6:59)


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Plattenlabel: Sony
Veröffentlichung: 24.08.2018
Artikelzustand: neu & versiegelt
Gewicht: 180 Gramm
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