Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Volume Two

2 LP

Künstler: Pete Seeger

17,99 €*

Pete Seeger: Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

The Songs Of Pete Seeger Volume Two

feat. Bruce Springsteen, Indigo Girls, Roger McGuinn, Donovan a.o.

2 LP

Limited Edition Record Store Day 2015

180 Gramm Vinyl

Klappcover / gatefoldsleeve

neu & versiegelt / new & sealed

Label: LetThemEatVinyl

Date of release: 21.04.2015


We shall overcome

Bells of Rhymney

 Oh had i a golden thread

False from true

Letter to Eve

Waist deep in the big muddy

All my children of the sun

Living in the country

Grain of sand

Old Father Hudson

The torn flag


To everyone in the world

Over the hills

I come and stand at every door

My rainbow race

Quiet early morning

Oh, sacred world

And still i am searching



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Plattenlabel: LetThemEatVinyl
Veröffentlichung: 21.04.2015
Artikelzustand: neu & versiegelt
Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: RBG12245