American II - Unchained (US-Pressung)


Künstler: Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash- American II: Unchained


180 Gramm audiophiles Vinyl


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Label: American Records

Date of Release: 21.03.2014

Audiophile 180-gram vinyl reissue of Volume II of Johnny Cash's American Recordings albums

Rick Rubin supervised cutting and pressed at QRP! Features covers of Beck, Don Gibson, Soundgarden and Jimmie Rodgers!

"In the early 90s, Johnny Cash signed to Rick Rubin's American label and began releasing the American Recordings series of albums. Produced by Rubin, the American Recordings were stark, stripped-down, mostly acoustic meditations on the more apocalyptic side of his persona. Cash covered Beck, Nick Cave, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Soundgarden, Danzig, and, of course, Nine Inch Nails' 'Hurt.' And he cemented his reputation as one of the reigning badasses in American music history — not that that rep really needed much help." — Pitchfork, January 2010

Longtime fan, label owner and producer Rick Rubin stepped in when Johnny Cash, in the early '90s, was without a label for the first time in four decades. Rubin asked Johnny to return to his roots and together, they recreated the legend of the Man In Black. Now presented in an awesome audiophile 180-gram LP format, plated and pressed by Quality Record Pressings!

The first four songs on Unchained come from the songbooks of Beck, Don Gibson, Soundgarden, and Jimmie Rodgers. What might look like absurdly unsupportable eclecticism in other artists, of course, is pretty much standard stuff for Cash. Unchained is hardly standard, though; it's more like the best album he's made since his 1984 departure from Columbia Records. Not only is this a stack of songs perfectly and idiosyncratically suited to the man, they're given door-rattling backing treatment by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who prove as fitting for Cash's music as his own Tennessee Two was back in the day.

Two years on from his triumphant comeback album, American Recordings, 1996's Unchained took the blueprint of its predecessor and added Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to the mix along with Marty Stuart, Lindsey Buckingham, Flea and many others. The results were just as fantastic, adding a different dimension and fullness to the overall sound, but maintaining the mood and atmosphere that made American Recordings such a treasure. Songs written by Petty, Chris Cornell and Beck rub shoulders with a handful of Johnny Cash originals.

Side 1
    1. Rowboat
    2. Sea Of Heartbreak
    3. Rusty Cage
    5. The One Rose
    6. Country Boy
    7. Memories Are Made Of This
    8. Spiritual
Side 2
    10. Kneeling Drunkard's Plea
    11. Southern Accents
    12. Mean Eyed Cat
    13. Meet Me In Heaven
    14. I Never Picked Cotton
    15. Unchained
    16. I've Been Everywhere



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