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The Future


Künstler: Nathaniel Rateliff

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Nathaniel Rateliff: The Future


Logo embossed cover on gold foil gatefold jacket

Exclusive art insert by Doug Spencer
For the recording, the band escaped to Rateliff's new Colorado Broken Creek studio to write an album's worth of songs. The Future looks to shed light on their unique observations while reflecting on our current times. The group is composed of Rateliff (vocals, guitar), Joseph Pope III (bass), Patrick Meese (drums, percussion, keys), Luke Mossman (guitar), Mark Shusterman (organ, keys), Andreas Wild (saxophone), Daniel Hardaway (trumpet) and Jeff Dazey (saxophone).


Side A
    1. The Future
    2. Survivor
    3. Face Down In The Moment
    4. Something Ain’t Right
    5. Love Me Till I’m Gone
Side B
    1. Baby I Got Your Number
    2. What If I
    3. I’m On Your Side
    4. So Put Out
    5. Oh, I
    6. Love Don’t

Künstler: Nathaniel Rateliff
Label: Virgin
Format: LP
Plattenlabel: Virgin
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Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: SW15259