The Complete Vinyl Collection (COLOURED Vinyl)

3 LP Boxset (COLOURED Vinyl)

Künstler: Eric Burdon & War

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Eric Burdon & War: The Complete Vinyl Collection

3 LP Boxset

180 Gramm FRABIGES Vinyl
includes the albums:
- Eric Burdon declares "War"
- Black-Man's Burdon
- Love is all around

The complete albums of Eric Burdon & War: "Eric Burdon Declares War" on transparent violet, "Black Man's Burdon" (2-LP) on transparent sun yellow and "Love Is All Around" on transparent red. First time on LP since the '70s. Mastered by Bernie Grundman. This limited edition features each album on different color vinyl.
Black-Man's Burdon:
Black On Black In Black 2:05 Paint It Black I 2:05 Laurel & Hardy 1:30 Pintelo Negro II 1:05 P.C. 3 1:30 Black Bird 2:17 Paint It Black III 3:02 Spirit 8:30 Beautiful New Born Child 5:07 Nights In White Satin I 4:28 The Bird & The Squirrel 2:43 Nuts, Seeds & Life 4:01 Out Of Nowhere 3:22 Nights In White Satin II 2:51 Sun / Moon 10:04 Pretty Colors 6:52 Gun 5:44 Jimbo 4:50 Bare Back Ride 7:07 Home Cookin’ 4:10 They Can’t Take Away Our Music 6:45

Eric Burdon declares "War"
The Vision Of Rassan Dedication 2:33 Roll On Kirk 5:07 Tobacco Road Tobacco Road 3:47 I Have A Dream 6:39 Tobacco Road 3:58 Spill The Wine 4:38 Blues For Memphis Slim Birth 1:31 Mother Earth 2:46 Mr. Charlie 3:05 Danish Pastry 3:18 Mother Earth 2:28 You're No Stranger 1:55

Love is all around
Love Is All Around 4:12 Tobacco Road 6:30 Home Dream 7:12 Magic Mountain 4:18 A Day In The Life 11:05 Paint It Black 10:09

Künstler: Eric Burdon & War
Label: Rhino
Format: 3 LP Boxset (COLOURED Vinyl)
Plattenlabel: Rhino
Veröffentlichung: 25.11.2022
Artikelzustand: neu
Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: SW15779