Signals - 40th Anniversary PICTURE Vinyl Edition


Künstler: Rush

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Rush: Signals

40th Anniversary PICTURE Vinyl Edition

Signals, originally released in 1982, marked the band's increase use of electronic instrumentation, especially sequencers and electric violin (played by Ben Mink). Peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard chart, Signals eventually went platinum. A total of five singles were released from Signals, including "Subdivisions," which became a live staple of their concerts, along with "New World Man," "The Analog Kid," "The Weapon" and "Countdown."
 Side 1:
1. Subdivisions
2. The Analog Kid
3. Chemistry
4. Digital Man
Side 2:
5. The Weapon
6. New World Man
7. Losing It
8. Countdown
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Produktnummer: SW15915