Roll With The Punches -The Studio Albums

7 LP Boxset

Künstler: Randy Newman

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Randy Newman: Roll With The Punches - The Studio Albums 1979 - 2017

7 LP Boxset

180 Gramm Vinyl

Born Again
Trouble In Paradise
Land Of Dreams
Randy Newman's Faust
Bad Love
Harps And Angels
Dark Matter

Limited Edition for Record Store Day 2021

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Label: Nonesuch

The seven studio albums from 1979-2017, including Bad Love which will be on vinyl for the first time, all pressed on  black vinyl and together as part of RSD Drops.
Künstler: Randy Newman
Label: Nonesuch
Format: 7 LP Boxset
Plattenlabel: Nonesuch
Veröffentlichung: 17.07.2021
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Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: SW15113