Live at Drury Lane


Künstler: Monty Python

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Monty Python: Live at Drury Lane

50th Anniversary Edition


Limited Edition for Record Store Day 2024
It was recorded in March 1974 on the last night of a sell-out four week-run at the London theatre. The album features live versions of sketches made famous on the BBC TV progamme Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
Side A 1.Introduction 2.Llamas 3.Gumby - Flower Arranging 4.Secret Service 5.Wrestling 6.Communist Quiz 7.Idiot Song 8.Albatross 9.Colonel 10.Nudge, Nudge 11.Cocktail Bar 12.Travel Agent Side B 1.Spot the Brain Cell 2.Bruces 3.Argument 4.I've Got Two Legs 5.Four Yorkshiremen 6.Election Special 7.Lumberjack Song 8.Parrot Sketch

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Produktnummer: SW16148