Live 1979 (ORANGE Vinyl)

2 LP (ORANGE Vinyl)

Künstler: Bad Company

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Bad Company: Live 1979, Wembley

2 LP,  ORANGE Vinyl


First Time on Vinyl. Originally released on 2CD in 2016 as part of the “Live 1977 & 1979” box, Bad Company’s 1979 set from London’s Wembley Empire Pool is the proper live album that the original line-up never had. Includes timeless live versions of “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Bad Company,” “Shooting Star” and “Can’t Get Enough”.

Live At The Empire Pool, Wembley, London, England - March 9, 1979:
Bad Company    7:54
Gone, Gone, Gone    4:58
Shooting Star    6:39
Rhythm Machine    5:01
Oh, Atlanta    5:01
She Brings Me Love    5:22
Run With The Pack    6:00
Evil Wind    4:31
Drum Solo    2:37
Honey Child    4:34
Rock Steady    3:47
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy    3:26
Hey Joe    4:28
Feel Like Makin' Love    6:29
Can't Get Enough   6:01
Künstler: Bad Company
Label: Rhino
Format: 2 Lp (ORANGE Vinyl)
Plattenlabel: Rhino
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Produktnummer: SW15536