I Am The Moon: I, II, III, IV

4 LP

Künstler: Tedeschi Trucks Band

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Tedeschi Trucks Band - I Am The Moon I, II, III, IV
4 LP Collection
Tedeschi Trucks Band announces the most ambitious studio project of their storied career: I Am The Moon, an epic undertaking in four albums with four corresponding films and 24 original songs. Inspired by a mythic Persian tale of star-crossed lovers, and emotionally driven by the isolation and disconnection of the pandemic era, the thematic I Am The Moon totals more than two hours of music, unfolding a robust tapestry of genre-defying explorations that propel the treasured American ensemble into new and thrilling creative territory.

The project I Am The Moon, started taking shape in May, 2020, two months after the band was forced off the road by lockdown. Mike Mattison sent an email to Derek, Susan, Gabe and Tyler with a suggestion for the group: read Layla and Majnun. Written by the 12th Century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, the poem is an enduring tale of star-crossed devotion and was the title inspiration for Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. — an influential album for TTB. But Ganjavi's vast 100-page poem resonated with Mike in an altogether different way. Mike explains that, the Clapton album is one point of view, Layla as this love object: 'I want you, I can't have you.'" But after Mattison read the original work, "I realized there are many things going on from different perspectives" and proposed, in his email, "revisiting this material as a band, as writers."
Side A
    1. Hear My Dear
    2. Fall In
    3. I Am The Moon
Side B
    1. Circles 'Round The Sun
    2. Pasaquan

Side A
    1. Playing With My Emotions
    2. Ain't That Something
    3. All The Love
Side B
    1. So Long Savior
    2. Rainy Day
    3. La Di Da
    4. Hold That Line

The Fall:
Side A
    1. Somehow
    2. None Above
    3. Yes We Will
Side B
    1. Gravity
    2. Emmaline
    3. Take Me As I Am

Side A
    1. Last Night In The Rain
    2. Soul Sweet Song
    3. D'Gary
Side B
    1. Where Are My Friends?
    2. I Can Feel You Smiling
    3. Another Day

Künstler: Tedeschi Trucks Band
Label: Concord
Format: 4 LP
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Produktnummer: SW15799