Closure / Continuation (GREEN Vinyl)

2 LP (GREEN Vinyl)

Künstler: Porcupine Tree

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Porcupine Tree: Closure / Continuation

2 LP


After more than a decade, Porcupine Tree made their comeback with the 2021 single "Harridan." This is off their 2022 album, Closure/Continuation. The band last released an album in 2009 (The Incident). They released 10 albums between 1992's On The Sunday of Life and 2009's The Incident before entering a hiatus after their biggest live show to date at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2010. The band is composed of Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri and Gavin Harrison.


1        Harridan    8:07
2        Of The New Day    4:43
3        Rats Return    5:40
4        Dignity    8:22
5        Herd Culling    7:03
6        Walk The Plank    4:27
7        Chimera's Wreck    9:39

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Produktnummer: SW15620