Avalon - Music by Randy Newman

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Produktnummer: SW15215
OST: Avalon

Music by Randy Newman



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Label: Reprise

"One of the best, most movingly evocative scores in Randy Newman's long movie career... " — AllMusic

"Warm-hearted and moving, this is one of the most treasured items in my film music collection." — Movie Wave

"...one of the finest in Newman's canon." — Movie Music UK

First time on vinyl in decades. Limited edition pressed on custom blue vinyl.


Side A
    1. 1914
    2. Weekend Musicians
    3. Avalon / Moving Day
    4. Jules & Michael
    5. Television, Television, Television
    6. Circus
    7. Wedding
Side B
    1. The Family
    2. The Fire
    3. No More Television
    4. Funeral
    5. End Titles

Produktnummer: SW15215