Another Scoop (Yellow Vinyl)

2 LP (YELLOW Vinyl)

Künstler: Pete Townshend

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Pete Townshend: Another Scoop
2 LP

180 Gramm YELLOW Vinyl

halfspeed mastered at Abbey Road Studios

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Label: Universal

Collection of Pete Townshend and The Who demos.

Remastered at Abbey Road with half-speed mastering process and includes liner notes by Pete Townshend.
Gatefold cover.
Made in the EU.
Includes printed inner sleeves containing details and history for each track.

A1        You Better You Bet 5:20
A2        Girl In A Suitcase 3:25
A3        Brooklyn Kids 4:51
A4        Pinball Wizard    2:57
A5        Football Fugue 3:25
A6        Happy Jack    2:16
B1        Substitute    3:34
B2        Long Live Rock    3:46
B3        Call Me Lightning    2:15
B4        Holly Like Ivy    2:52
B5        Begin The Beguine 4:10
B6        Vicious Interlude    0:24
B7        La La La Lies    1:57
B8        Cat Snatch    3:23
C1        Prelude #556    1:20
C2        Baroque Ippanese    2:26
C3        Praying The Game 4:20
C4        Driftin' Blues 3:15
C5        Christmas    1:56
C6        Pictures Of Lily    2:49
C7        Don't Let Go The Coat 4:01
D1        The Kids Are Alright    2:57
D2        Prelude, The Right To Write 1:35
D3        Never Ask Me    4:24
D4        Ask Yourself 4:33
D5        The Ferryman 5:45
D6        The Shout    3:50
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Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: SW15466