Ahora Me Da Pena


Künstler: Buena Vista Social Club

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Produktnummer: SW15541

Buena Vista Social Club: Ahora Me Da Pena

12" Vinyl EP

Limited RECORD STORE DAY 2022 Edition

neu & versiegelt

Label: World Circuit

As part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the original BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB album, a limited edition 12” EP will be released exclusively for Record Store Day, featuring a previously unheard track from the 1996 album recording sessions “Ahora Me Da Pena,” alongside 3 bonus tracks that have never previously been available on vinyl. The release will be supported as part of the wider and ongoing 25th Anniversary campaign, which has seen huge amount of coverage in press, radio & TV and generated significant engagement and excitement globally.

Ahora Me Da Pena
Chan Chan (Monitor Mix)
Macusa (Alternate Take)
Saludo Compay
Plattenlabel: World Circuit
Veröffentlichung: 23.04.2022
Artikelzustand: neu
Gewicht: 180 Gramm
Produktnummer: SW15541